“I build my time in gathering flowers and throwing out the weeds”*,
in having ideas, sorting them – some too blurry to be retained – mostly observing, making dis-order, retyping, shaping at least – with care
and love...

graphic design, coding and poetry
Paris — printed & digital matters
books, posters, websites, drawings, texts, installations
(more infos here, cv at this link and full portfolio on request)

contact@leaguillon.fr       @ibuildmytime
Launching of SLANT — Mail art and editorial project
focused on the links between art, design, literature and poetry (2023)
Launching of the website of SLANT — www.ibuildmytime.com/slant
GRAPHIC DESIGNER at studio Syndicat — from Oct. 21 to Jan. 23
ART DIRECTION, ARCHIVING & RETOUCHING — for artist Marie-Ange Guilleminot
for her new book "Le Livre du Paravent", exhibited at the Cairn, Digne-les-Bains (2023)
F,F,F, ... Hello, can you hear me? — Master diploma at the École des Arts Décoratifs de Paris
Research on communication, mail art and poetry forms (2021)
CREATIVE DIRECTION and assistant to London photographer Lewis Ronald
shootings in Provence for a book on Louis Vuitton perfumes,
as part of my collaboration with Studio Mathias Clottu (2023)
2gether 4ever — Poster drawn with Charles Guilhembet
for the film "2gether 4ever" directed by Marie Ward Acouri, selected at Festival Côté Court
Sendb00ks — Art direction, book designing and making
for english editor Gemma Janes, working in close collaborations with international artists
Habitations Imaginaires — Master thesis
on collection, quotation and dispossession, monitored by Philippe Millot
10 × 18 cm, 328 pages (2021)
Lady’s Whim — Editorial and photographic project exploring
notions of the female gaze on male nudity with a series of film photographs (2019)
19 × 28,5 × 1,4 cm, 44 pages
www.ampmstudio.fr — Design and code
Website of photographers' duo Angèle Moraiz and Paul Mougeot (2021)
VINGT-SIX — Design and code
Website of Lise Grancher, retouching studio (2021)
cries — Chapbook
Doodles and words from movies where female characters are crying or shouting
(playing between the registers of comedy or horror)
7,45 × 10,5 cm, 126 pages (2022)
30 copies (+ Simone Weil quoted on a loose "flying" cover)
EROS — Editorial research project
focused on Eros (Winter, 1962 issue (vol.1, n°4), published and edited
by Ralph Ginzburg and designed by Herb Lubalin
18,5 × 14 × 1 cm 96 pages (2019)
Die Welt ist schön — Poster
A poster that aims to show the limits between objectivity
and subjectivity in photography, more precisely based
on a group of photographers who were precursors,
students or heirs of the Becher’s thought / 84,1 × 118,9 cm (2019)
Do not feed the ducks — Design and writing
Small volume of signs and messages collected
during a walk in the Port de l’Arsenal in Paris
11 × 14.8 × 1.8 cm 196 pages (2019)
À cet instant, la vapeur sature — Design and writing
Small printed puzzle of poems (short sentences written
during a workshop I led, focused on collaborative writing with
10 Franco-Italian schoolmates) 2,5 × 5,25 cm / 21 × 29,7 cm (2021)
Jean — Editorial project
based on an interview of the late french actor Jean Marais
20 × 25,5 × 3,5 cm 256 pages (2019)